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Sea turtle conservation in Kenya

Green turtle mortalityKenya Sea Turtle Conservation Committee coordinates sea turtle conservation activities in Kenya and works closely with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Fisheries department, Kenya Marine Fisheries and Research Institute (KMFRI), Coast Development Authority, other national institutions, NGOs and other stakeholders in the conservation of sea turtles. Major threats to sea turtles in Kenya include poaching, destructive fishing methods and degradation of habitats.

What we do

In collaboration with local communities (currently 18), we undertake beach patrols to collect data on turtle activities, beach clean ups and mangrove planting to rehabilitate degraded beaches.
Members of Jimbo Environment group, one of the KESCOM group pose for a photograph after mangrove planting exercise. So far, we have planted over one million mangroves. We also strive to inform our members about our activities regularly through a newsletter called Jambo Kasa.

A beach clean up exercise

We also undertake research activities to continuously inform awareness activities that are undertaken within the communities and in schools. We spent about 50 % of our resources towards education and awareness.

A research exercise

Research focuses on monitoring trends of nesting, mortalities and sightings as well as threats.