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In 2009, KESCOM launched a project dubbed ‘integrating community based conservation with ecotourism on Funzi Island’. Supported by IUCN NL, the project sought to underke sea turtle conservation while improving the linkages between sea turtle conservation initiatives and poverty reduction measures. To achieve this, a crucial component was to develop alternative revenue and income bases […]

Integrating Sea turtle conservation with sports

The world cup fever is a welcome craze to billions of people worldwide. This once in a while event comes as a blessing to a wide cross-section of our communities, never mind the fact that some of our local national teams are going to join us on the couch and sharing our popcorn instead of […]

KESCOM activities

KESCOM has over the years in collaboration with other stakeholders been active in the conservation and management of sea turtles in Kenya. Rigorous targeted education and awareness campaigns at different societal levels have ensured that the community is more aware of this precious resource and the need to sustainably use and/or conserve it. And with […]