14 turtle conservation groups benefit from KESCOM’s capacity building program

It is now recognized that the success of resource conservation initiatives requires the support of the resource users. However capacity building of the very resource users is of essence if the initiatives are to succeed. In the months of February and March, 2010 and with the financial support of Community Development Trust Fund, 14 TCGs under the umbrella of KESCOM were trained on sea turtle monitoring and patrols. These were Funzi Turtle Club, Bodo TCG, Msambweni Turtle & Marine Conservation Group, Diani TCG, Jimbo Environment Group, Tiwi Group, Takaungu TCG, Roka TCG, Mayungu TCG, Dabaso TCG, Bureni turtle Watch, Ozi friends of conservation, Tana friends of marine environment, Delta friends of Conservation all widely distributed along the Kenyan coast. It is to the expectations of the facilitators that beach patrol and monitoring, identification and reporting of nesting activity/nest translocations, nest protection and hatchlings programs, mortality reports, tagging and tag recovery activities shall improve.

Bodo training

Participants of the Bodo training

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