Monthly Archives: October 2009

Big clean-up on Funzi Island

Last Monday Suleiman, our friend and a Funzi Turtle Club member, came to us and said that Tuesday was a national holiday and the kids are free from school. He had an idea to take a group of students for a major clean-up in the biggest beach on the island, Mwakinyavu. We jumped at the […]

Destruction on Funzi Island Continues

Whenever anybody hears the name ‘Funzi Island’, they think sea turtles, this is because Funzi Island is undoubtedly a turtle haven. With virtually untouched beaches and little human development, this island boasts of six nesting sites, out of which thousands of hatchlings have crawled into the open ocean every year – for thousands of years. […]

The Dobos on Funzi

After months of planning and long e-mail exchanges we were finally in Kenya, on the way to “our” island and a voluntary work with the people of Funzi and KESCOM. While waiting for the boat to take us for the first time to Funzi Island, a local fisherman came with a rice sack containing a […]