Monthly Archives: May 2009


KESCOM has intensified public awareness of the existence, status, threats and conservation of sea turtles in Kenya. It has achieved this through enhanced newspaper articles, newsletters, brochures, t-shirt distribution and presentations and lectures in schools and hotels. Awareness in hotels and schools  has ongoing been since early this month. Above: Students pose for a photo after a […]

Jimbo Enviromental Group benefits from alternative Income Generating Projects

Community organizations in Kenya are increasingly stepping efforts to conserve their environment after realizing the benefits accrued from conservation activities. One such organization is Jimbo Environmental Group located in Jimbo village, along the south coast of Kenya. The group, which was established with the help of Kenya Sea Turtle Conservation Committee, is well known for […]


  Tagging and release of turtles, as well as beach clean-ups and mangrove rehabilitation are quickly becoming activities of choice for tourists visiting Funzi Island. True to the ecotourism theme driving the IUCN-sponsored Funzi project, visitors are increasingly taking time off to participate in conservation activities planned and carried out by the Funzi Turtle Club. […]

Conservation efforts in Tana delta

  KESCOM has over the years employed the use of community based conservation groups to ensure sustainability on protection of coastal habitats and sea turtles. One such group is Tana Friends of the Marine Environment (TAFMEN) situated in the lower Tana delta, Kipini division, Kenya. Efforts by the group members have seen quite a vast […]